About us

We are a community of creative guys and girls who have decided to break into the NFT galaxy and create our own unique product.
Our artists create one-of-a-kind collections with unusual ideas and history. You can see them here. (hyperlink)


We want to unite the global community of the best artists and web developers on one platform, where everyone can earn money doing what they love.


The development of comfortable, honest and reliable Marketplace and the launch of sales all over the world.
Creating an online game where our characters from the NFT collection will come in handy. Each of them will be a reflection of your appearance, temper and character.
OldDoge Š”ryptocurrency is our second ambitious project. You can use OldDoges to buy NFT-tokens or exchange tokens for currency.
All money from OldDoge will be used in financing ambitious FinTech projects. And maybe you are going to be the lucky one!